• Want to know how to lose cravings for sugar, salt, and fat?
  • Would you like to re=awaken your ability to enjoy flavors?
  • Are you trying to lose body fat, normalize your blood sugar and lower blood pressure and cholesterol?
  • Want to reduce your medical costs and the medications you are taking?
  • Are you looking for a community of people dedicated to healthier living?
  • We can help you! Join HEA and learn the way to sustain a healthy you.

What is a Healthy Eating Adventure?

An adventure is an intensive 28-day program that can kickstart you on a lifetime of healthier eating. You will enjoy a wonderful whole foods plant-based meal and presentation by Dr. Elizabeth George, HEA Program Director, on why this program is needed and how it works. You’ll hear about the growing incidence of obesity and diabetes nationwide, and the alarming increase in children and young adults with adult-onset Type 2 diabetes. There have been dramatic results experienced by patients with cardiovascular and other chronic disease conditions who follow these eating guidelines. You will hear from people who describe how in 28-days they learned dietary practices that are making a meaningful contribution to a lifetime of wellness.

You will be partnered with a coach, read the materials that will guide you on this program, and participate in a study that will help you chart the improvements you make over the program. You’ll hear about shopping tips, label reading guidelines, information on where to eat at restaurants and how to order, as well as basic cooking and food preparation.  There are three weeks of group potluck meals which introduce you to the variety of amazing foods you can make. Taste the wonderful flavors, build community with others, ask questions and share experiences as you continue on your adventure. On the final week, celebrate your accomplishment with a graduation meal and reflect on your experiences along the way. Talk about what motivates you and how to sustain the lifestyle you’ve begun.

Keep involved through monthly potlucks and our newsletter! There are lots of ways to stay engaged as a volunteer in community outreach.

There are three adventures going on in communities in Franklin County, PA throughout the year. See our calendar for dates, and contact us if you would like to sign up.

Contact us: eatforthehealthofit@gmail.com

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We gratefully thank our supporters!